Idaho's Subdivisions

Idaho has been growing in popularity and it’s no secret why. Idaho is a gem of the west—a state where small town charm is the standard for even the biggest of cities and the soil is perfect for cultivating fulfilling lives, successful businesses, and cherished memories—not just potatoes. It is a place where homes are still affordable and where subdivisions and neighborhoods still offer convenient and serene lifestyles for their residents.

With Idaho’s growing popularity, the number of these subdivisions has increased dramatically. Everywhere you look there are new developments popping up out of nowhere. But what do they really have to offer? What makes Idaho subdivisions so great?

The following is a simple breakdown of the three categories of subdivisions and neighborhoods that Idaho has to offer—Urban, Suburban, and Rural.

Urban Subdivisions

Idaho, despite its usual stigma of being a western countryside state, actually has quite a few urban subdivisions, neighborhoods, and even condos. These urban neighborhoods are perfect for people looking for a fast paced and convenient place to live. They offer many great amenities in some of the greatest locations in the valley. Their styles and lifestyles are deeply rooted in Idaho culture and are only a short distance from some of Idaho’s most notable amenities.

Urban Living


In Idaho, the urban subdivisions and neighborhoods are centered around its larger cities: Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Coeur d’Alene, etc.  The largest of these, however, is in Boise. Boise’s large and popular downtown, as well as its surrounding area, is perfect for both condos and other urban style housing. Boise even has quite a few urban cottage style communities, the most notable of which being the North End. The North End is one of Boise’s most prestigious areas (urban or not) because of its amazing culture and atmosphere.

Styles and Atmospheres

As stated earlier, there are many different styles and atmospheres that are associated with Idaho’s subdivisions. There are condos and apartment neighborhoods in the high-rises of Boise, urban cottage style neighborhoods in the North End and the Boise Bench, and many more. The condos and apartments are what one would expect of a city side living—convenient, chic, fast paced, and easy to maintain. The cottage style neighborhoods evoke ideas of tight-knit communities. They are built around coffee shops and bookstores as well as public pools and schools. They are beautiful reminders of the communities of the past and are as equally convenient as the condominiums and apartments across the river.


The urban areas of Boise have all the amenities that one would expect from an urban environment: walking distance from restaurants, shopping centers, large parks, and the sense of being in the thick of the busy city. Not to mention a quick drive from some of Idaho’s most well-loved outdoor hotspots.

Suburban Subdivisions

Suburban neighborhoods and subdivisions are the second most popular communities in Idaho (after rural). Available in almost all of Idaho’s major cities, suburban communities are warm and inviting, bridging the gap between Idaho’s backcountry and metropolitan havens. Most of Idaho’s suburban areas are made up of affordable and accommodating homes; not to mention they are built in some of the most convenient locations, making them perfect for any kind of lifestyle.

Suburban Living


Suburban neighborhoods can be found in almost every Idaho City. Thanks to the rapid liking that people have been taking to Idaho, the demand for more suburban subdivisions has grown exponentially, make sure that there will always be a place for those looking for a suburban paradise. These neighborhoods are also made up of a range of homes, some small and inexpensive and others lavish and extravagant. So, no matter what kind of neighborhood someone might be looking for, they can find it here in Idaho, and still have great access to all the amenities and outdoor hot-spots that Idaho is known for.

Styles and atmospheres

Due to the vast number of suburban subdivisions there are in Idaho, one can find an amazing number of diverse neighborhoods. There are some that are themed, some with extensive amenities, and some that are simple where the homes are individualistic and well separated. So, all that matters is what a person wants out of their subdivision and they can find something for themselves here.


Suburban neighborhoods in Idaho have some of the best amenities that there are to offer. Though they may not be within walking distance of a shopping center or fancy restaurant, they will usually be close to these things. However, inside the subdivision is where the best amenities are available. Most of Idaho’s subdivisions are home to clubhouses, pools, gyms, parks, and more—not just wonderful houses. They are also, usually, very close to many scenic routes, resort towns, lakes, and campgrounds.

Rural Subdivisions

Rural subdivisions, though the idea sounds odd, are actually some of the most popular places to live in Idaho. Now, these aren’t farming communities where the nearest neighbor is over a mile away (which Idaho does have), but rather communities of homes that are more geared toward spending time in the great outdoors. They could be on larger properties, far from the city, or even in the mountains. These kinds of neighborhoods and subdivisions truly capture the essence of Idaho and its heritage as an agricultural state and embody what most people think of when they talk about Idaho.

Country/Rural Home


Idaho’s rural subdivisions and neighborhoods are easy to come across. They can be found on the outskirts of most cities and even in the mountains (as stated above). There are some, however, that are actually located in the center of some of Idaho’s towns. Since many of Idaho’s cities were settled fairly close to each other, as urban expansion kicked in, the outskirts of the cities became the middle land between the two. This makes for some hybrid communities that are part rural and part suburban.

Styles and atmospheres

As one would expect, Idaho’s rural subdivisions and communities are outdoorsy. They are surrounded by, or even incorporate, lots of open land which gives residents the feeling of being in the great outdoors every time they leave their door or look out their window.


Amenities for rural subdivisions are much like those for the suburban subdivisions. They are very close to many of the great Idaho outdoor hotspots. Not to mention their close proximity to open land and countryside. Many rural neighborhoods are close to rivers, lakes, and many of Idaho’s scenic areas.

These subdivisions that Idaho has to offer are only a few of the reasons that so many people are making the march to the Gem State. There are many other amenities and perks that bring people in year after year. Contact one of our agents for more information about what Idaho can offer you—you won’t regret it.