Things to Know Before Moving to Idaho

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Idaho is a great place to live, and this article will tell you some things you should know before you move to the beautiful Gem State. There are amazing activities and lots of sports. The cost of living is comparatively low, and the state is growing quickly. Idaho has a rich history and great culture that everyone loves being a part of.

If you’re going to move to Idaho, be prepared to become a part of Bronco Nation during football season. Boise State University is the largest university in Idaho. Since there are no major league professional sports in Idaho, the residents really throw themselves into their support for their college teams. The biggest support base is for the Boise State Broncos, hence, Bronco Nation. Since 1999 the Broncos football team have only lost 9 games on their home field. This is because of the unique shade given to the turf; royal blue. In the summer of 1986, the field in the BSU stadium was changed from the classic green to a vibrant blue. It was the very first non-green artificial football field in the United States. The idea came from the Athletic Director at the time, Gene Bleymaeir, and there are no thoughts of changing it back any time soon. Idahoans love their “Smurf Turf”.

Sports of all kinds are huge in Idaho. On a Boise State football gameday, you’ll find a majority of the population, especially in Boise itself, dressed in all sorts of Bronco gear, ready to cheer on their team. However, Idahoans are known for not only cheering on their sports teams but also participating in sports themselves. You can find an amateur league of just about any sport you can imagine. You can find softball, hockey, golf, roller derby, and everything in between. If you’re an athlete, you won’t have any problem finding a league for you.

Idaho is the country’s leader in the potato world. Most people in the country, when they think of potatoes, they associate it with Idaho, and for good reason. Idaho has a lot of volcanic soil. That particular condition combined with the perfect warm days and cool nights make the best potatoes with great texture and flavor. That’s why Idaho potatoes are the best and, therefore, the most famous! Idaho produces about 1/3 of all potatoes in the United States on over 300,000 acres of farmland. The most well-known variety of potato is the russet, but Idaho produces over 30 varieties like fingerlings, reds, and Yukon golds. You can even find yourself a purple potato!

Even beyond the potatoes, Idaho has a large agriculture background. In addition to potatoes, Idaho has over 180 other types of produce growing all over the state. All year long, you can find something in your grocery store or nearby market that was grown in Idaho. Farmer’s markets pop up all over the state during the summer, and there’s even a farmer’s market in downtown Boise that runs all year long. The spring is harvest time for asparagus. The summer produces beautiful strawberries, large apricots, delicious raspberries, and crisp Bing cherries. Pears, peaches, plums, and corn are all harvested in the fall. Onions, apples, and dry beans can be found almost all year long. Even more than produce, Idaho produces lots of local meats, dairy products, and wine. Since 2002, the Idaho Preferred Program has been trying to raise awareness about where residents can find, and purchase, locally grown produce and meats.

Most people imagine Idaho as being completely rural and full of potato fields, but Boise is actually the fastest growing city in the entire United States. Forbes recently published an article about the fastest growing cities in the United States and Boise rose to the very top of the list. Boise is one of the top cities where technology jobs are available, so the theory is that as other technology hubs like San Francisco and Seattle get more and more expensive people are leaving there and opting for the much more reasonable cost of living in Boise, Idaho.

Idaho is the Gem State. Idaho has always been known for producing a ton of gems and gem-like resources. In its early history, the discovery of gold was key in allowing Idaho to become a territory. Garnet and opal are the main gems that the state has produced, but notable amounts of topaz, tourmaline, jade, and zircon have also been mined as well as small amounts of jasper and agate. Idaho leads the country in silver production as well. The state pulls out about 40% of all silver newly mined in the United States.

Idaho has great overnight and vacation destinations. All over the state, there are resorts and parks that make for great adventures and awesome vacations. Up north you have Sun Valley, for skiing and snowboarding. In the east, you can enter Yellowstone National Park. Also in northern Idaho, is a great amusement park called Silverwood Theme Park. There are events and festivals all over that make for a fun destination. Boise itself has countless things to do like museums, the zoo, dozens of parks to explore, and endless dining options.

Sometimes, the idea of moving to Idaho may sound very non-exciting. The myth that the entire state is covered in potato fields and farmers has taken over the country. But have no fear! Idaho is a great place to live. There are plenty of things to do whether you’re into sports, outdoors, or urban life. Hopefully, you learned a little more about Idaho and are more excited about your move!


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