Musical artists that come through Idaho on a regular basis

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If you have much familiarity with the state of Idaho, then chances are you know how fantastic the state’s capital of Boise is! The largest city in the Gem State is full of fun things to do and is made especially fantastic by the glorious Idaho climate and the surrounding gorgeous scenery on the Boise River, in the Boise National Forest, and the mountains all around. You might know about all of these things, but did you know that some great musicians have come to find things they love about this part of Idaho as well? Many musicians that you will come to learn have very fond memories of their childhood. It is surprising how many excellent musicians and bands got their start in the great capital of Idaho and haven’t forgotten their amazing roots!

The Treefort Music Fest is an exciting music festival located in Boise that brings hundreds of up and coming musicians together to play their hearts out and gain more well-deserved recognition. Since its inception in 2013, the Festival has nearly doubled in size, and has become a very popular venue for musicians that are just getting their start! It is definitely worth checking out for anybody wanting to support new and independent musical artists. Few things will bring great musicians to town like a big entertaining music festival! Who knows? Just maybe the next Aerosmith or Nirvana may come from Treefort Music Fest!

Curtis Stigers is very famous as a saxophone player as well as a jazz vocalist and guitarist. He was born in the city of Boise in 1965 and in his teenage years, he played in a high school band and jazz groups there. After he graduated high school he moved to New York in order to pursue his musical passion. He got his big break in 1991 with the hit single “I Wonder Why”, which saw success all over the world, and even reached No. 9 on the United States charts and No. 5 in the United Kingdom. He has gone on to win many awards in both the U.S. and U.K. and has had many hits and popular songs such as “This Life” which was written for the acclaimed TV show Sons of Anarchy (and for which he was nominated for an Emmy). He is a noted performer by many for not allowing fame to cloud his desire to put artistic effort into his music. Even though his popularity has spread throughout the world, he has not abandoned or forgotten his Gem State roots. He regularly makes trips back to his hometown and even performs for his Idahoan fans. As recently as 2014 he returned to Capital High School (his alma mater) and performed a benefit concert there to raise money for the music department at the legendary place where he gained a passion for music. Check out his schedule, as he will have concerts in the Boise area fairly often, and his talent for jazz music is definitely a treat to hear.

“Paul Revere and the Raiders” was the name of a massively popular band in the 1960s and 70s. The band was formed in the late 1950s when organist and bandleader Paul Revere Dick met singer Mark Lindsay in the Boise, Idaho area. In 1960 they changed their name from “the Downbeats” to the famous name it is known by today. The band has had a great many hits over the years, as it has been in existence for such a long amount of time (other than a two-year hiatus in the 1970s). With that long span of time that the band has been around comes quite the rotating line-up. While the original bandleader and band namesake Paul Revere Dick passed away in 2014 in his Idaho home (you can visit his grave in Boise), the band is still playing with members Danny Krause on keyboard, Doug Heath on guitar, Ron Foos on bass, Darren Dowler on lead vocals, Tommy Sheckel on drums, and Paul Revere’s son Jamie Revere also on guitar. The band every once in a while will return to their roots in the Gem state, with them playing in Lewiston, Idaho as early as 2015.

Doug Martsch was born in Twin Falls, Idaho, but has been part of more than one band based in Boise. After a brief stint with a small band called “Farm Days”, he saw success as part of the “Treepeople”, which started their rise to popularity in Boise but moved to Seattle, Washington. While he was with the “Treepeople”, the band released three different albums. In the 1990s he formed the band “Built to Spill” in Boise with Ralf Youtz and Brett Netson and became the band’s lead singer and guitarist. He has been part of the band ever since, which has had a rotating roster of members, himself being the only mainstay. In addition to gaining recognition as an indie-rock guitarist thanks to the band, he has released a solo album called “Now You Know”, which has garnered much critical praise. Staying true to the state of his birth, his popular band often plays in the Gem State, as in 2018 they played at the Treefort Music Fest and in 2017 they played in Boise twice as well as once in Moscow, Idaho! Chances are if you are in Boise for the long haul or just happen to be there at the right time you will definitely have the chance to see this excellent indie rock band in concert!

As you can see, music loves Boise! Or at least those playing the music do! Be sure to check out the awesome Treefort Music Fest or one of the many wild concerts in the area that bring these excellent musicians to the city, or head to Boise to see where these wonderful artists were born and what they keep regularly going back for! Join in the fun and you just might find your new favorite musical artist or get to meet an all-time favorite during your vacation in the Boise area!


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