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Idaho has a surprisingly vast variety of landscapes and destinations that attract vacationers from all over the country. There are amazing locations from volcano lava fields, to stunning mountain ranges. This variety provides a variety of vacation spots ideal for any type of vacation you’re searching for. “Vacationing” and “visiting” can be considered two different things, so this article will be limited to “vacation” places – places you would spend a while vacation, whether it be a quick weekend or a week-long trip or more. Sun Valley Resort is a beautiful resort for winter vacationers. The resort was opened in 1936 and featured the worlds first alpine chairlifts. Sun Valley has numerous activities for the visiting vacationers. There are, of course,

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If you have much familiarity with the state of Idaho, then chances are you know how fantastic the state’s capital of Boise is! The largest city in the Gem State is full of fun things to do and is made especially fantastic by the glorious Idaho climate and the surrounding gorgeous scenery on the Boise River, in the Boise National Forest, and the mountains all around. You might know about all of these things, but did you know that some great musicians have come to find things they love about this part of Idaho as well? Many musicians that you will come to learn have very fond memories of their childhood. It is surprising how many excellent musicians and bands got their start in the great capital of Idaho and haven’t forgotten their amazing roots!


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If there is one thing about Idaho, it is that there are indeed four distinct seasons. Most of the year, the weather is delightful and sunny with a few scattered showers. Summer can be a little on the hot end of the spectrum, but fall and spring are basically the best weather. Idaho is simply a beautiful place to live and enjoy outdoor activities during those times of the year. Even summer is not that bad even when temperatures are a bit on the hotter end of the spectrum. Now when it comes to Idaho winters, it depends on how much snow and freezing temperatures the area gets. It can be a warmer winter where there is nearly no snow at all, or it can be a doozy of a winter sometimes. It is not always that bad. There are times where it is mostly sunny

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If there is a single industry in Idaho that basically defines the economy, it is farming. Of course, this is one of the few obvious things a person can say about Idaho. Farms are everywhere and there are more cows in the state than there are people. There are not that many more, but humans are still outnumbered. There are a bunch of other industries that are very important to the Idaho economy but none of them can really compare to the power and influence that is had by the farming community of Idaho. For most people, this does not really matter. A lot of the food and much of the animal products that come from the state stay in Idaho but a lot more gets exported to feed the rest of the country. It is easy to just forget that these farms have any

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Idaho has always had a close connection with its history. A lot of people go through life in their state without really understanding what happened in the past and how that affects what is going on in the modern day, but that is not the case in Idaho. The residents of the Gem State remember what occurred in the past and are always excited to learn more about those events and their impact on the state, the country, and the rest of the world. Of course, this is not the kind of thing you are going to tell just by taking a trip down the streets of Boise and looking at its residents. It is going to look like any other city if that is all you do. The proof of Idaho’s love for history is present in the number of museums that are spread across the state. For

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Your home is one of the most important things you will ever own. Not only is it incredibly expensive, but it is also where you spend most of your time and therefore has a very large impact on you, your state of mind, and your wellbeing. This means it is very important to take care of your home so that it can take care of you in turn. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that do not do the best job of maintaining their home and who forget certain basic parts of keeping things in good order. People tend to be very careful with the insides of a home and not really consider what is going on outside, mostly because they tend to spend a lot more time looking at what can be seen inside and are blind to what is going on outside the walls of

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Idaho is a great place to live, and this article will tell you some things you should know before you move to the beautiful Gem State. There are amazing activities and lots of sports. The cost of living is comparatively low, and the state is growing quickly. Idaho has a rich history and great culture that everyone loves being a part of.

If you’re going to move to Idaho, be prepared to become a part of Bronco Nation during football season. Boise State University is the largest university in Idaho. Since there are no major league professional sports in Idaho, the residents really throw themselves into their support for their college teams. The biggest support base is for the Boise State Broncos, hence, Bronco Nation. Since 1999 the Broncos football

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Idaho is a relatively unknown state. It has a lot to offer, but not many people know about it because they just haven’t taken the time to learn about it. Whenever Idaho comes up in conversations, there are some questions that are always asked, and some not asked but people really want to know.

What is Idaho known for?

Idaho is known for a lot of things, some are well-known, and some may be surprising. Obviously, the first thing people think of when you mention Idaho is the potatoes. Idaho does lead the country in potato production, but there are several more things that Idaho is known for. Idaho is known for its huge culture of winter sports. There are dozens of resorts and locations for skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and snowshoeing. Idaho is

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Idaho is a gorgeous state which is fairly well known for its production of potatoes. However, less commonly known is its deep connections with another carb-heavy food; a small fruit called the huckleberry. Many Idahoans absolutely love this fruit, almost to the point of obsession. It is a unique part of Idaho’s character and history and is worth being proud of. In February of 2000, it was proposed to the state government by a young school group that the huckleberry become the state fruit of Idaho. The legislation was passed by the Idaho Senate and House of Representatives in April of the same year and took effect on July 1st, 2000. An average huckleberry bush can grow from one foot to six feet tall and will produce berries that can grow up to a plump

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We love the great outdoors here in Idaho. Whether you are flying down a speedway or fishing the Salmon River, Idaho is home for those who love being outside. However, what a lot of people tend to overlook when it comes to spending time in the great outdoors is the great outdoors just out your backdoor- your backyard. Backyards are an amazing part of our culture here in the west, but sometimes they aren’t given the credit they deserve, nor the time and effort needed to make them enjoyable for homeowners. Most homeowners will do something with their backyard, but not a lot, not to the point where they can enjoy it to its fullest potential.

Before you begin…

Before you start any new project, especially when you are trying to upgrade your

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