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Every state in the United States has something to share with the rest of the world. Idaho is no exception! Here are some things produced in the glorious Gem State, some of which may be obvious, but maybe there will be a few surprises in here as well. Let’s dig right in and find out what kind of things Idaho has helped impact society with.

Speaking of digging, more than any other product, Idaho is known for its large production in the realm of agriculture, which is responsible for 20% of the state’s economic growth every year. In total, there are almost 200 commodities that are produced by Idaho’s agriculture. Obviously, the most famous of these many commodities is the potatoes that the Gem State produces, and for good reason, because the state provides the United States with more than 1/3 of its potatoes. You have Idaho to thank for many of your favorite potato chips, French fries, and tater tots.

Idaho is also one of the only locations on the entire planet that is able to produce all five different types of wheat. Wheat is another major export of Idaho and produces more hard white wheat than anywhere else in the country.

In addition to the massive production of Potatoes and wheat, The Gem State is also a leader in production of many other crops like Sugar beets (20% of U.S.’s sugar beet production), barley (both malting and feed varieties), onions (Idaho and Oregon provide the country with 25% of its yellow onions), hay (largest U.S. producer of certified organic hay), and seeds (ranked the world’s best and sent to over 120 countries). Idaho also exports many other widely used crops like fruit, oilseeds, beans, wine, and mint.

With all the crops that Idaho exports, it's hard to believe that the state produces even more livestock. Idaho’s number one industry when it comes to agriculture is, in fact, dairy, the state is ranked as the third biggest producer of cheese in the United States, making products like Cheddar, Mozzarella, Colby Jack, cottage cheese, and cream cheese. Idaho also produces a large amount of ice cream, yogurt (the state having the world’s biggest advanced yogurt plant), and whey products.

Idaho also has a big hand in the country’s beef industry (It would be hard not to when the state has a larger population of cows than it does of people!). The Gem state is home to the second biggest operation of cows and calves and claims two of the nation’s top 10 feeding institutions. as far as animals other than beef goes, Idaho has been in the pork industry for over 110 years (since 1904) and cracks the top 10 list of states in the sheep agricultural industry.

With its mileage of rivers achieving almost 108,000, Idaho is bound to play a big part in the aquaculture industry. The state supplies the nation with sturgeon, catfish, and caviar, and above all contributes 70% of all trout to the United States, putting the state at the number one spot for trout distribution in the country.

While a large majority of products produced in Idaho are agricultural, Idaho has plenty of other products to offer as well. And this one sure is a tasty one! Here is a thing tons of people love combined with a thing that everybody knows Idaho for. Like we mentioned before, Idaho is quite famous for potatoes, and the Idaho Candy Company is famous for its delicious “Idaho Spud” Candy bar. The “Idaho Spud Bar” gets its name from its potato shape, and it is loved for its delectable chocolate covered outside and tasty marshmallow inside, all topped off with some sweet coconut sprinkled goodness! The company came into existence because of a candy-maker named T.O. Smith who started selling homemade candy out of shoeboxes in Boise. After his business started to grow and became more popular, he opened up shop in a factory in 1909, which is still the factory used today by the company. The Idaho Candy Company is also quite popular for making treats like the “Huckleberry Gem”, the “Owyhee Butter Toffee”, “Cherry Cocktail”, and the “Old Faithful” peanut cluster.

One of the most popular and best-selling body creams is also a product of the Gem State. Camille Beckman is very famous for their beauty products made with many natural ingredients. The company was started by Susan Camille Beckman Roghani who was raised in Weiser, Idaho. She grew up loving all kinds of plants and learning all about agriculture, and has always held the belief that plants and flowers are provided by nature as a way to heal. This is what inspired her to make these wonderfully satisfying products out of nature’s ingredients like Almond Oil, Aloe Leaf, Flower Extract, and Cucumber Fruit Extract.

Nothing can quite beat the smell of a lit candle, can it? One more popular Idaho product is a scented candle company called “Lit & Co.” Located in Boise, “Lit & Co.” was started in 2012 by Kristen Jackson and has enjoyed a successful business ever since. The company has made itself known through many different and unique scents available to their customers and can be found at salons, spas, and stores nationwide. “Lit & Co” is also famous because of their soy candles’ clean burn, allowing cleaner air as well as no soot stains on the walls. These things, as well as the candles’ 45-hour lifetime, have earned it a mention on our list.

Other products made in Idaho include “Balmshot” lip balm, “Just Like Jane” soaps, “Fat Daddy’s” Barbecue sauce, “Wagner’s” mustard, “Cowgirl” chocolates, “Scentsy”, and “Litehouse” dressing. Idaho definitely has no shortage of products that are shipped to consumers and businesses all over the United States. As you can see, whether it be livestock, dairy, fruits, vegetables, candy, beauty products, or candles, you are sure to find an Idaho product to tickle your fancy! Make sure next time you pick up a bag of potatoes or some trout from your local grocery store, try to find out where it's from because if you’re lucky, you’ve just purchased some of the finest products the Gem State has to offer.


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