Boise, the Capital City of Idaho

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          Historically, two different stories tell the tale of naming the city of Boise, but both originate from the French phrase "Les Bois," the woods. Whether it was French trappers along the Boise river or a French guide leading a company to develop what became Fort Boise, the consensus was mostly, "Wow, look at those trees!". This sentiment has only been strengthened by Boiseans ever since their home was named Boise officially in 1863. The newspaper records a "tree mania" that continued to grow throughout the homeowners of the Treasure Valley in April 1869. Five years later, the local newspaper, continued to solicit tree planting in the Boise area, asking for the improvement of the city, to create a grand presentation and overall welcoming scenic views. The paper explained, "Every dollar thus expended will eventually return many-fold in the enhanced value of the property, and in the comfort and enjoyment produced. We ought to have one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. We can make it striking in the presence of travelers who enjoy a scene of enchantment. We ought to do it." Many years and decades later, this thought process has developed into what can now be described as a stunning city drenched in beautiful greenery and tree life.

          Touring the Boise area and a few of the established neighborhoods, you will likely find a combination of tree-lined streets, dense greenery, and shrubs, as well as beautiful historic streets that exude the very essence of the beginnings of Boise and its excellent foundation. The characteristic "green" of Boise is seen on homes in newer and older neighborhoods, thanks to the Boise River and many generations invested in beautifying their homes with "chlorophyll-ed" species. Also, largely contributing to the area during the fall season is a community effort that goes by "Rake up Boise". This has become such a memorable event as over 7,000 volunteers of all ages care for citizens, who for a variety of reasons, are unable to care for their lawns and tree life each year, which supports not only the continued care for the green and beauty of Boise, but also the community spirit that Boise has long carried for its namesake. This community gathering is part of a comprehensive cultural system that ultimately helps support people buying and building and treasuring homes throughout the valley for generations to come. 

          When many people consider the city of Boise, Idaho, they are likely not thinking about a grand city of monumental proportion with gridlock traffic come rush hour, as with much larger metropolitan cities. The larger cities have a lot going for them, which adds to the reason why so many people choose to live in them. Though one of the greatest features of Boise, Idaho is the generous sprawling scenic landscapes and room to roam. Having the opportunity to get away from it all when choosing to live in Boise, Idaho resembles more of an uncomplicated lifestyle. Additionally, Idaho is home to abundant wildlife and nature, which has the potential to make for a peaceful and delightful environment, most notably when discovering locations where there is no one to be found for miles. For much time, Idaho has gained a reputation for being long drawn out lands, which simply is far from the truth, though easily understandable without additional information. Indeed there are portions of Idaho that provide vast landscapes, with quaint towns and cities spotted across the map, though there is much more offered than one might imagine. Those thought to be near-nothingness landscapes have a much more profound unveiling to them when given a chance. I can’t begin to share with you have many times I’ve traveled passed a highly desirable destination unintentionally, as I had no idea what was right around the corner. Discover sensational waterfalls, caves, incredibly pristine lakes, historic ghost towns, and an abundance of history.

          When delving further into what Idaho’s landscapes have to offer, prepare to be amazed. Idaho is home to a broad mix of terrain, for instance, the far-stretching desert landscapes of the Craters of the Moon National Reserve, which boasts lava fields, cinder cones, caves, and trails. Just think, back in 1969, four of the astronauts that were selected to participate in Apollo 14 utilized this location as an exercise specific to the recognition of geological features and how to best describe them to geologists back on earth. The City of Rocks, which is home to one of the state’s most fascinating geological presentations, or the expansive Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness and the giant cedar grove that may be found in the Clearwater Forest. Imagine what it would be like to live in a state where there are so many diversely neat spaces to enjoy. It could very well take an entire lifetime of avid exploration to discover simply a portion of the incredible destinations featured in Idaho. So while the idea that Idaho is comprised of drawn-out areas is accurate, there are many ways to interpret what exactly that means for you. Those very landscapes make for excellent opportunities for mini-vacations, weekend adventures, and road trips as well as a little time to refresh in the mountain air or near a pristine lake before getting back to the norm of the week. Having the opportunity to pack up and get out of town for the day, for many, is what makes living in Boise, Idaho, so great. When choosing to make Boise, Idaho home, those very destinations are then part of your home state.

          Idaho’s growth rate continues to top the charts, and the communities within are abundantly flourishing into something truly incredible, as the state of Idaho was already remarkable, to begin with. Combine outdoor destination opportunities with many of the amenities that may be found with bigger city living, and the rest is history. The city of Boise is thriving with a generous myriad of indoor and outdoor activity opportunities offered right within the city. Discover innumerable shopping and entertainment locations, a smorgasbord of dining options, and year-round events. Boise is rapidly expanding with a large population that is ideally complimented with attributes that make a community great. Delight in an assortment of area parks, an extensive trail system, a network of pedestrian and bicycle pathways, the Boise River Greenbelt, as well as many other neat contributors that make this area great. Find local destinations that set priority to cultural art and programs, plazas for exploring and ideal for enjoying community gatherings, and consistent economic development. Boise’s economy boasts strengths in technology, agribusiness, and manufacturing. The city has become an appealing hub for businesses across the nation looking to relocate or expand with job opportunities consistently on the rise. As a result, the overall total employment has risen by approximately 19.9% +/- within the city of Boise in the last five years. The city is beaming with new development and business that has created an overall buzz throughout the community that’s inspiring to be around.

          Boise is the capital city of Idaho, though touring the area, one may find that there’s a lighter side to the city that allows for a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. That casual atmosphere allows for a slow-paced lifestyle when desired and the opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday happenings. Boise is home to four distinct seasons to take delight in year-round, which makes for a great mix of activities throughout the year. The various seasons each have their unique presentation, which contributes to different feel depending on which season it is. In the spring and summer, the lovely display of the city starts with the abundant tree life and greenery complemented by the refreshing waters of the Boise River, making way through the valley combined with warmer weather activities as well as longer days and more getting done. Come fall, the entire area lights up with vivid colors and there is a cozy feel that may be felt throughout the community. Winter is as delightful as any other time of year with a chance for the opportunity to create snow sculptures, dust off the skis, or possibly enjoy a day off snug and comfy by a warm fire. There’s really never a time when there is nothing to do within the city unless of course, that’s the plan. The seasons are generally mild for the most part though, on rare occasions, the clouds will deliver an extra helping of snowy fun.


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