February 2020

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If you have much familiarity with the state of Idaho, then chances are you know how fantastic the state’s capital of Boise is! The largest city in the Gem State is full of fun things to do and is made especially fantastic by the glorious Idaho climate and the surrounding gorgeous scenery on the Boise River, in the Boise National Forest, and the mountains all around. You might know about all of these things, but did you know that some great musicians have come to find things they love about this part of Idaho as well? Many musicians that you will come to learn have very fond memories of their childhood. It is surprising how many excellent musicians and bands got their start in the great capital of Idaho and haven’t forgotten their amazing roots!


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          Historically, two different stories tell the tale of naming the city of Boise, but both originate from the French phrase "Les Bois," the woods. Whether it was French trappers along the Boise river or a French guide leading a company to develop what became Fort Boise, the consensus was mostly, "Wow, look at those trees!". This sentiment has only been strengthened by Boiseans ever since their home was named Boise officially in 1863. The newspaper records a "tree mania" that continued to grow throughout the homeowners of the Treasure Valley in April 1869. Five years later, the local newspaper, continued to solicit tree planting in the Boise area, asking for the improvement of the city, to create a grand presentation and overall

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