November 2019

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Everyone loves the Wild-Wild West! Hundreds and hundreds of page-turning books, classic movies, and action-packed TV shows have been a huge part of popular culture for a very long time. People love to hear facts and stories about the old west, and many of those great tales you will hear come from the Gem State itself… Idaho! Old penitentiaries, ghost towns, and museums all across the state will show you the great history about the Idaho wild west!

A famous old jailhouse in Boise known as the Idaho State Penitentiary (built in 1872 was home to some of the most infamous of wild west criminals, including “Bub” Meeks, Lydia “Lady Bluebeard” Southard and “Diamond” Jack. The prison has been home to around 13,000 inmates (It would hold about 600 at a

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