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The alarm rings and you roll out of bed, groaning at the thought of another day fighting commuter traffic, sitting in your only semi-comfortable office chair in your little cubicle, hoping that the office refrigerator thief won’t, once again, steal your lunch. And after a long day working under florescent lights and dreaming of an office with at least one small window, you still have to face the long commute home.

Home. Why can't your office be more like home with its comfy couches, great views into your carefully cultivate and beautiful garden, and your refrigerator filled with yummy treats and fresh fruits and vegetables, that are all yours? Why can't you leave your stylish but uncomfortable shoes in the closet in favor of those fluffy pink

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Boise is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. More and more people want to live in the “City of Trees,” and if you already have a home there, you probably know exactly why people are so eager to make the move. If you do not live there, you are probably asking: What is so special about Boise? What makes the Treasure Valley (The area that makes up most of southwest region of Idaho with Boise as its heart) a place people want to live? Well, the answer to that is complex and difficult to give, but there are a few large reasons why the Treasure Valley is so nice. After you have heard them, you might find you are very eager yourself to make the switch. Boise is a wonderful city, and in general, will never disappoint you.

When you are

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There are many different ways for a person to finance their home. From simply seeking out a mortgage lender or bank to finding first time home buyer assistance programs, there are many avenues available to people who are looking to build or buy, but who may not be able to pull together the full price of a down payment can feel like that goal is out of their grasp. For veterans, however, there is a potential option open called a VA Purchase Loan. This loan can be a great asset to those who’ve served as they can qualify for an interest rate that could be less than is typical and no additional mortgage insurance.

The primary purpose for a VA loan is to purchase a home that has already been built, but building a new home can be done as well. It’s

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Homeowners put their homes up for sale whenever the time is right for them. If a homeowner needs to read locate for a job it won't matter to them what season it is, they will just list their home so that they can hopefully get it sold before they have to move. On the other hand when a homeowner has a choice about when to sell, sometimes they may choose one part of the year over another for specific reasons. A very typical reason for a homeowner to put their home up for sale at a specific time of year is when they are trying to finish out of the school year with their children before they have to uproot them from their current school.

Historically listings of homes for sale starts to increase in early spring and continues to rise through July,

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From an early age, many folks learned that money can help procure a number of fun treats. Candy bars, though the cost has jumped over the years, have been a great way for adults to train youngsters in the art of spending and saving their cash. Because of this, the value of a dollar has been ingrained in the brains of many people by the time they had it on their own- whether this training has had a positive or negative influence notwithstanding.

Financially planning and setting goals for the future both can lead to a great use of the early trainings regarding money. Some people decide that purchasing a home with cash is not only within their grasp, but is also a great way for them to own their own home. When the fins are available, they can be

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Typically, when a person is interested in buying a home, having high credit (or at least good credit) is number one on the list of ways to prepare prior to searching for a new home. Not all who are interested in buying are able to do so with their credit scores in the fair or higher region, so it's important to recognize that having a low credit score doesn't mean the end of the road to homeownership. Buyers with good credit are likely to have nicer rates of interest and lower down payment requirements, but this doesn’t mean that those with low credit should be deterred. If buying a home is the end goal, working toward that goal can be done!

As with any home purchase, preparing is required to ensure the smoothest route to homeownership is

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Some features of a home are more popular than others, and in many cases, the pool is one of those features. It seems like year after year more and more homes are being built with pools and the existing homes with pools are the ones that sell the fastest—if that doesn’t show you how popular pools are, then nothing can. Honestly though, buying a home with a pool is on the top of a lot of homebuyer’s checklists. Now, if having a pool in the home you buy is on your list, then this article is for you. There are pros and cons to buying a home with a swimming pool, so today we are going to examine both of them and present you with the facts. While we won’t get to every detail that is involved in owning a home with a pool, we will touch on some of the

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Buying and selling real estate can be one of the most rewarding and terrifying things in most people’s lives. If properly maneuvered, a person can come out of a real estate deal with a house they can call home; if not done properly it can devastate one’s financial standing. This is due to the copious amounts of money that are involved in real estate transactions and the equally substantial number of nuances associated with them as well. To lower the risk of even the simplest of transactions wreaking havoc on a person’s finances the real estate agent was born. These intelligent and highly trained individuals know everything there is to know about real estate markets and the ins and outs of buying and selling all kinds of real estate. They are

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When it is time to buy a home whether it is our first home or whether we have owned a home before, the question often arises “Do I build a new home or buy an existing home?” While the choice can seem overwhelming, with a little thought about your wants and needs a decision about what is best for you is within reach.

As which any potential home purchase, preparation will make the whole process go more smoothly. Decisions that should be made early will be things like whether or not to use a realtor and where and how to shop for a mortgage (a good realtor can help with that). Getting pre-approved for a loan will help you to clearly define your options. A realtor can also help you identify the pros and cons of either choice and how they might fit

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With more and more stories of burglary and home invasion popping up in the news, many people are concerned with how safe their homes and properties truly are. And rightly so, no one wants to come home from work or vacation to find that their home has been broken into and ransacked. Not only will it cost a fortune in repairs and replacements, but quite a lot of time as well to feel comfortable leaving their home unattended. It is a terrible thing to have happen to you so it is always good to take precautions.

One of the popular answers to this dilemma is to install a home security system. This way burglars will be deterred and possessions will be a little safer. However, there are many different kinds of home security systems to chose from, so

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