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Every state in the United States has something to share with the rest of the world. Idaho is no exception! Here are some things produced in the glorious Gem State, some of which may be obvious, but maybe there will be a few surprises in here as well. Let’s dig right in and find out what kind of things Idaho has helped impact society with.

Speaking of digging, more than any other product, Idaho is known for its large production in the realm of agriculture, which is responsible for 20% of the state’s economic growth every year. In total, there are almost 200 commodities that are produced by Idaho’s agriculture. Obviously, the most famous of these many commodities is the potatoes that the Gem State produces, and for good reason, because the state

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The alarm rings and you roll out of bed, groaning at the thought of another day fighting commuter traffic, sitting in your only semi-comfortable office chair in your little cubicle, hoping that the office refrigerator thief won’t, once again, steal your lunch. And after a long day working under florescent lights and dreaming of an office with at least one small window, you still have to face the long commute home.

Home. Why can't your office be more like home with its comfy couches, great views into your carefully cultivate and beautiful garden, and your refrigerator filled with yummy treats and fresh fruits and vegetables, that are all yours? Why can't you leave your stylish but uncomfortable shoes in the closet in favor of those fluffy pink

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Idaho has a surprisingly vast variety of landscapes and destinations that attract vacationers from all over the country. There are amazing locations from volcano lava fields, to stunning mountain ranges. This variety provides a variety of vacation spots ideal for any type of vacation you’re searching for. “Vacationing” and “visiting” can be considered two different things, so this article will be limited to “vacation” places – places you would spend a while vacation, whether it be a quick weekend or a week-long trip or more. Sun Valley Resort is a beautiful resort for winter vacationers. The resort was opened in 1936 and featured the worlds first alpine chairlifts. Sun Valley has numerous activities for the visiting vacationers. There are, of course,

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If you have much familiarity with the state of Idaho, then chances are you know how fantastic the state’s capital of Boise is! The largest city in the Gem State is full of fun things to do and is made especially fantastic by the glorious Idaho climate and the surrounding gorgeous scenery on the Boise River, in the Boise National Forest, and the mountains all around. You might know about all of these things, but did you know that some great musicians have come to find things they love about this part of Idaho as well? Many musicians that you will come to learn have very fond memories of their childhood. It is surprising how many excellent musicians and bands got their start in the great capital of Idaho and haven’t forgotten their amazing roots!


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          Historically, two different stories tell the tale of naming the city of Boise, but both originate from the French phrase "Les Bois," the woods. Whether it was French trappers along the Boise river or a French guide leading a company to develop what became Fort Boise, the consensus was mostly, "Wow, look at those trees!". This sentiment has only been strengthened by Boiseans ever since their home was named Boise officially in 1863. The newspaper records a "tree mania" that continued to grow throughout the homeowners of the Treasure Valley in April 1869. Five years later, the local newspaper, continued to solicit tree planting in the Boise area, asking for the improvement of the city, to create a grand presentation and overall

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If you haven’t realized it yet, you will soon come to see that Idaho is one of the most gorgeous states in the United States. As such, it offers beautiful, serene places that offer peaceful getaways from the monotonies of daily life and much of the land has been kept in its natural state since it was discovered. All over the massive state are wonderful spots for a weekend retreat, and you’ll find these locations to be absolutely perfect places to relax and enjoy yourself.

One of the best and most famous spots for a weekend getaway is in Coeur d’Alene in Northern Idaho. The Coeur d’Alene resort is known all throughout the world, and for good reason! Coeur d’Alene is breathtakingly located next to the picturesque Lake Coeur d’Alene. The suites in the

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The United States is full of rich history, and one can spend their whole life trying to learn fascinating new things about the nation through its beginnings to the more recent happenings. Each and every state has its own unique qualities in its history that set it apart from the rest. Idaho is no different! When Idaho was first discovered, it certainly didn’t produce the billions of pounds of potatoes every year that it does now, and the many different and unique gems that earned the state its nickname had yet to be identified. As you dive into the early history of what was originally part of the Oregon Territory, you’ll find that there is a lot that went into Idaho reaching its status as one of the United States of America!

Chances are that

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If there is one thing about Idaho, it is that there are indeed four distinct seasons. Most of the year, the weather is delightful and sunny with a few scattered showers. Summer can be a little on the hot end of the spectrum, but fall and spring are basically the best weather. Idaho is simply a beautiful place to live and enjoy outdoor activities during those times of the year. Even summer is not that bad even when temperatures are a bit on the hotter end of the spectrum. Now when it comes to Idaho winters, it depends on how much snow and freezing temperatures the area gets. It can be a warmer winter where there is nearly no snow at all, or it can be a doozy of a winter sometimes. It is not always that bad. There are times where it is mostly sunny

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Everyone loves the Wild-Wild West! Hundreds and hundreds of page-turning books, classic movies, and action-packed TV shows have been a huge part of popular culture for a very long time. People love to hear facts and stories about the old west, and many of those great tales you will hear come from the Gem State itself… Idaho! Old penitentiaries, ghost towns, and museums all across the state will show you the great history about the Idaho wild west!

A famous old jailhouse in Boise known as the Idaho State Penitentiary (built in 1872 was home to some of the most infamous of wild west criminals, including “Bub” Meeks, Lydia “Lady Bluebeard” Southard and “Diamond” Jack. The prison has been home to around 13,000 inmates (It would hold about 600 at a

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Planning on spending your next holiday in The Gem State? You’re in for a real treat! Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway nestled in the mountains, a historic town full of interesting museums and attractions to explore, or a fancy suite beside a crystal-clear lake, Idaho has something for everyone. An overnight getaway in Idaho is the perfect escape from busy city life and will give you a healthy dose of the great outdoors. Since that’s what the state is best known for, you’ll find plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy on your getaway.

This gorgeous Rocky Mountain State is packed to the brim with breathtaking landscapes and rich with history. Depending on where you are in Idaho, the weather will be different. Don’t let this deter you

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